Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy

Candied pickled Jalapeno products, the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

A Legend in the Making!

Sonya’s desire to take a simple jalapeno, hand cut them, add her blend of natural spices and cook them to perfection results in a fantastic sweet and spicy jalapenos that you’ve never experienced like this before! Her love for anything combining these unique flavors that compliment like this are a flavor addition, the best craving for foodies and spice connoisseurs!

Amazing Flavor Without Sacrificing Taste

What do you get when you blend the right amount of sweet with spice… you get Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy gourmet pepper products!
The fresh ingredients contain fresh jalapenos, spices and absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES, no salt added and made with love!!  These are vegetarian and are fat free and sodium free (per serving).


We will be posting many recipes using our amazing jalapenos and sweet & spicy products


Check out our newly announced YouTube Channel with recipes and serving suggestions!

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Sonya's Sweet & Spicy

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Sonya Paz Incorporated is a Certified Women and Minority Owned Business with MBE and WBENC