Best Bodacious Bean Dip with Sweet Jalapenos & Miners Mix Homemade Recipes with Sonya Paz
I am pleased to bring you the recipe for the best BODACIOUS Bean dip with the help of Miners Mix and Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy! I also have some announcements!

The recipe for this awesome bean dip
1/2 Can of 16oz Refried Beans (8oz)
1/2 cup of sour cream (8oz)
1/4 Cup Sonya Sweet Spicy Jalapenos, chopped fine
1/2 Package of Miners Mix Bodacious Bean Dip
Package of your favorite tortilla chips
Full prep directions on video.

I am thrilled that we have a distributor! Northwoods Cheese Co. Is now distributing Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy in the 8oz size! This is a huge development for us as this is our first distributor and thrilled to be working with them! Many thanks to Derek and Angela Theilke!

Follow the preparation directions in the video!