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Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy is named after our founder, Sonya Paz who is known for her vivid paintings and pop art creations through her well known art brand “Sonya Paz Art & Design”. In 2015, she, her husband and dog SAMi moved from the hustle and bustle of the San Jose area and relocated to the Central Valley in the Northern California area where the agriculture flourishes and farm fresh harvests are abundant. She also reconnected with her high school friend Sue, who also relocated and introduced Sonya to preserving produce and how to make pickles from fresh cucumbers. That love for preserving manifested into a storm of fanciful and tasty pickled creations for Sonya to explore.

After experimenting how to pickle different types of produce and peppers she quickly learned that she liked the combination of the sweet and spice and the versatility of the jalapeno peppers, she worked endlessly to perfect her recipe with just the right combination of spices, ingredients along with the cooking process to bring out this unique meld of flavors just the way she likes it. It’s a labor of love and you can immediately taste this in every bite, thus, creating the perfect blend of Sweet & Spicy!

The fresh ingredients contain fresh jalapenos, spices and absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES, no salt added and made with love!!  These are vegetarian and are fat free and sodium free (per serving). View our nutrition facts here.

 I hope you enjoy these tasty spicy gems as I have made these for you to enjoy!

Amazing Serving Suggestions:


Top these on anything that need an extra boost of flavor

Colors and Flavors

The colors and flavors are sensational, 

Liquid Gold

Our peppers are packed in the wonderful juice, it’s liquid gold!

Meats, Poultry Seafood and more

Spice up those main entrees for grilling!

Sonya's Sweet & Spicy

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Sonya Paz Incorporated is a Certified Women and Minority Owned Business with MBE and WBENC