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The sweet & spicy facts!

Nutrition Facts

Here are our nutrition facts.
We take pride in the natural flavors of the jalapenos and we use quality ingredients.
Our products include sugar, garlic and our mix of quality spices.
We do not use corn syrups or preservatives. We use all good stuff!

Sonya Sweet Spicy - Nutritional Facts
Sonya Sweet Spicy - Nutritional Facts

Most Popular Serving Suggestions

* Top on cream cheese and serve with crackers
* Add to tuna or chicken salad
* Mix into your salad dressings
* Mix into any dish to pump up the flavors
* Top on burgers, tacos, eggs and more
* Add to pasta for that extra punch!

* The best marinade for chicken, meat or vegetables
* Use on anything you would add relish to
* Give your cornbread some attitude
* Make sweet & spicy margaritas!
* Drizzle the juice over popcorn… yum!

The Possibilities are Endless

The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear from you on how you use these amazing peppers! Write to us and let us know!

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